Discount Codes

  1. With discount codes the clients can reduce the cost of the goods they order. You can receive a discount voucher by e-mail, newsletter, SMS or leaflet on the occasion of promotions, loyalty programmes or competitions.
  2. A discount code:

– Is in alphanumeric format,
– Can only be used once,
– Has a pre-defined value stated in Polish zlotys (e.g. PLN 10) or as a portion of the price (e.g. 10%)
– Has an expiration date,
– Reduces the final price of the product but not the shipping costs, unless explicitly set forth otherwise in the instructions for the application of discount codes you have received.

  • Only one discount code can be used per order. Enter your discount code at the time your are making your purchase, in the designated place on the order form.
  • A discounted product price may not be lower than PLN 1.
  • No unused discount amount will roll over to another order.
  • No discount code can be exchanged for cash.
  • Discount codes and promotions do not aggregate, unless the terms and conditions of a promotion state explicitly otherwise.
  • No discounts apply to shipping costs, which remain unchanged.