ICC Publishing House

At the International Culture Centre’s Publishing House, we publish books about art, architecture, and history. In them, we describe the heritage of Central Europe from different, often unorthodox perspectives. We analyse the accomplishments of regional culture from the point of view of each country, but also its natural circumstances – Adriatic Sea, Oder River, or Danube River.

In our publications, we reach into the days of the past – for example, in the series about the history of sacral architecture, but we mainly focus on modernism and the 20th century. The majority of our books are published in 3 series: The Central European Library, Heritology, and Ister.

We also publish illustrated art albums linked to our exhibitions. Each presents extraordinary phenomena of art history, often as a pioneer in its field, such as the unwanted heritage of the Third Reich in the present Poland territory. We discover for our readers such artists as Dani Karavan or Małgorzata Mirga-Tas.

The ICC’s publications are distinguishable by their unique beauty, diligence in preparing, and attention to detail, which is confirmed by numerous awards and editorial distinctions.

Most of them are also available as ebooks. All can be purchased at bookshops in Poland and in the ICC online shop: ksiegarniamck.pl