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Dani Karavan. The Essence of Place. Album

Type of publication: album
Pages: 264
Binding: Hardcover
Date of issue: 2015
Dimensions: 27,5 x 23,5 cm
ISBN: 978-83-63463-28-1
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Product description

“To the Polish audience Dani Karavan opens up a perspective that we rarely perceive. Krakow, the “Mother of Israel”, has for years been focused on the Polish-Jewish past and striving to reclaim the memory of the world that no longer exists. The rich Jewish heritage, which we are constantly discovering, obscures the image of contemporary Israel and its culture, which is currently very little known to us” – writes prof. Jacek Purchla in the introduction.

The first album published in Polish and English, which, apart from over a hundred colour photographs of the artist’s most significant works, presents a broad perspective on the life and work of the Israeli sculptor. Born in 1930 in Tel Aviv, Karavan, whose ancestors came from the vicinity of Lviv, is one of the precursors of site-specific sculpture and author of monumental works made to coexist with the surrounding landscape which can be admired across the northern hemisphere: from Japan, through South Korea, Egypt, Israel to Italy, Germany, France and Spain.

The texts on the work of Dani Karavan were written by Marta Bucholc and the curators of the exhibition of the artist’s works, Dr. Monika Rydiger and Hagai Segev.

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