Heritage and Environment. The 5th Heritage Forum of Central Europe

Format: Hardcover
Date of issue: 2021
Pages: 466
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Product description

The book is the result of the 5th Central European Heritage Forum, which took place in September 2019. The forum was devoted to the relationship between cultural heritage and the environment, as well as their mutual commitment.

The book includes 27 texts written by European heritage specialists, including Marie-Theres Albert, Artur Chojnacki, Eva Chovancova, Zoe Russel, Stsiapan Stureika and Tobias Strahl. They say that the environmental context is of utmost importance for a full understanding of the value and meaning of cultural heritage, which remains one of the central elements of everyone’s identity.

In recent years, and especially in recent times, we have become increasingly aware that the 2020-2021 pandemic, with its enormous negative impact on the cultural heritage sector, will undoubtedly stimulate many cultural heritage institutions to address topics related to the so-called “Green revolution”. Participants of the 5th Heritage Forum claim that people and institutions operating in the field of cultural heritage are also responsible for education and raising social awareness in the field of environmental care.

Publication in English.

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