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Max Ernst. An Ornithologist’s Dreams [PL-EN-DE]

Format: Hardcover
Date of issue: 2016
Pages: 232, 120 illustrations, drawings, and b/w and coloured photographs
Dimensions: 24 x 27,5 cm
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Product description

“The person and work of Max Ernst is an important key to understanding the 20th century. This »free bird« and one of the greatest individualities of the European avant-garde symbolises not only the multidimensionality of our common heritage of modernity, but also the dream of freedom of creation” – wrote prof. Jacek Purchla in the introduction.

The authors of the album presenting the works of Max Ernst took as a starting point his belief in his avian origin and his repeated use of the figure of a bird as his own alter ego.

The fascination with birds is a pretext to show the artist’s inventiveness, his search for new artistic techniques and the role he played in creating important trends in the art of the 20th century. The album is not limited to presenting the rich work of Ernst (prints, paintings, book design, and sculptures), but thanks to detailed texts by specialists, it also introduces the artist’s extraordinary personality and biography.

Polish-English-German version.



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