Jan K. Ostrowski (ed.)

Roman-Catholic Churches and Monasteries in fhe Former Rus’ Voivodeship, Part I, vol. 23

Format: Hardcover
Date of issue: 2015
Pages: 608
Dimensions: 25 × 17,5 cm
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Product description

Volume 23 of the first part of the series Materials for the History of Religious Art in the Eastern Territories of the Former Republic of Poland supplements the previous 22 volumes of the inventory.

This book summarises a quarter of a century of work dedicated to documenting the historical and artistic legacy of the Roman Catholic Church in the former Ruthenian Voivodeship. It contains supplements to already published monographs (volumes qualifying in some cases to the rank of independent studies), a dictionary of artists and craftsmen prepared on the basis of references in previously published volumes, as well as lists of parishes and towns where their affiliate churches and public chapels were located. A unique addition to volume 23 is the CD with an extensive index of names for volumes 1-23.

About the book:

Collected volume edited by Jan K. Ostrowski

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