Collective work, Jan K. Ostrowski (ed.)

Roman Catholic Churches and Monasteries in the Former Rus’ Voivodeship. Part I, Vol. 7

Format: Hardcover
Date of issue: 1999
Pages: 712
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The volume comprises monuments of religious art situated in the area of the Przemysl diocese,within the borders of the Old Republic of Poland and brings to the end the descriptions of the places (the other volumens contain lists of the places and monuments presented).

The articles refer to parish churches and chapels of Andrianów, Balice, Chłopy, Czajkowice, Czyżowice, Hussaków, Kalinów, Komarno, Koniuszki Siemianowskie, Krysowice, Lipniki, Łanowice, Miżyniec, Mościska, Myslatycze, Pnikut, Pohorce, Radenice, Radochońce, Rudki, Rumno, Tamanowice, Trzeniec and Tuligłowy. The publication presents the variety of the Przemyśl area considering its cultural and ethnic guestions,indicates the significance of the patronage oflordly families for the artistic development of the region, thus giving an opportunity of analysing and comparing the monuments of architecture, painting and sculpture which belong to different periods-from Gothic till the year 1939.

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