Collective work, Maria Kałamajska-Saeed (ed.)

Roman Catholic Churches and Monasteries in the Former Vilnius Voivodeship. Part III, Vol. 4

Format: Hardcover
Date of issue: 2011
Pages: 532
Language: polish
Dimensions: 25×17,5 cm
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Najniższa cena z ostatnich 30 dni: 35,00 

Najniższa cena z ostatnich 30 dni: 35,00 

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Product description

The volume contains monographs of churches and cemetery chapels in the former Iwiewski district (Bakszty, Dudy, Gawia, Iwie, Jatołtowicze, Juraciszki, Lipniszki, Łazduny, Urciszki i Zygmunciszki), Lidzki district (Berdówka, Kirjanowce) and Woronowski district (Trokiele).

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