John Tunbridge

The Changing of the Guard. Heritage at the turn of the century

Format: Hardcover
Date of issue: 2018
Pages: 316
Language: polish
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Product description

A selection of essays by one of the greatest living heritologists (and founding fathers of this discipline), which is also the first Polish-language presentation of the unique contribution of John Tunbridge to international research on world heritage.

The articles collected in this volume are a testimony to the changes which occurred during the last three decades in the ways of perceiving and understanding heritage, as well as a transcontinental journey to places where modern thinking about heritage was forged.

Tunbridge’s essays – where their author wonders to whom heritage belongs and if it exists in the plural, looks at the troubling heritage of apartheid in South Africa and post-colonialism in West Indies, or reflects on the “dark side” of tourism and challenges connected with revitalisation of historic cities – is not only a fascinating and informative, but also obligatory reading for every person interested in the relations between the past and the present.

The sixth volume of the Heritology series edited by  Prof. Jacek Purchla. Publication prepared within the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

Publication in Polish.

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