Collective work, Marcin Zgliński (ed.)

Roman Catholic Churches and Monasteries in the Former Brest-Litovsk Voivodeship, Part V, vol. 1

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Date of issue: 2013
Pages: 510
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This book launches the fifth part of the series Materials for the History of Religious Art n the Eastern Borderlands of the Former Polish Republic published by the Krakow-based ICC and dedicated to the Brest-Litovsk Voivodeship. It has been written and edited by academics from the Catalogue of Art Monuments in Poland of the Institute of Art, Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, within the framework of two academic projects supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland.

The volume contains studies of churches, monasteries and chapels from Brest as well as six other towns located in the former Brest-Litovsk county. It opens with a story of Brest and contains a historical and artifactual overview of churches which were destroyed or re-built by the Russians when, in the years 1833-1842, the city was being turned into a fortress (churches and monasteries of the Jesuits, Trinitarians, Dominicans and Bernardines as well as convents of the Bridgettines and Bernardines and the Apostolic Union of Secular Priests Hospital Church).

In line with the stylebook of previous volumes, the publication contains monographs of the existing churches, namely the ones in Brest (the Feast of the Holy Cross parish churches, a chapel in the Romuald Traugutt lower secondary school, the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Kijówka, St. Casmir the Prince Garrison Church – the former Augustinian Church) as well as churches in the towns of Domaczewo, Małoryta, Rakowica, Raśna, Wołczyn, Wysokie Litewskie (parish churches as well as the church and monastery of the Brothers Hospitallers of St. John of God).

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