Collective work, Jan K. Ostrowski (ed.)

Roman Catholic Churches and Monasteries in the Former Rus’ Voivodeship. Part I, Vol. 9

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Date of issue: 2001
Pages: 608
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Volume 9 describes Roman Catholic churches in Antoniówka, Bartatów, Chromohorb, Daszawa, Dawidów, Demna, Feliciental, Kochawin, Krotoszyn, Machaliniec, Mikołajów, Młyńska, Obroszyn, Pustomyty, Rakowiec, Rozdół, Siemianówka, Skole, Stryj, Synowódzk Wyżny, Szczerc, Wołków, Zulin, Podhorce, Żurawno and Żydaczów (the former szczerzec and Stryj deanery).

The churches situated in the places mentioned above vary as to the time of their construction-from the end of the Middle Ages till the beginning of modern times, the second half of the 19th century and the 20th c.,and as to their state of preservation.Up tiii now only the churches in Stryj and Szczerc have survived almost in their original from, the other ones lack their internal fittings, the buildings have been destroyed, ruined or even pulled down.The studies of the preserved though incomplete documentation let the authors include these outstanding and unigue monuments of wooden architecture into the volume.

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